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There's nothing "soft" about these skills...

We specialize in solving the tough, 复杂的业务挑战通过经过验证的通信系统, developing, and motivating people.

Your definitive path to Sales Mastery

The Sandler Selling System 通过避免买家玩游戏,让销售人员控制对话,是否帮助超过100万的销售人员销售更多、更容易.

Your guide to Organizational Excellence

Our management and executive leadership programs 为您提供通过合作建立防弹业务的策略, accountability, and productive coaching conversations.

Your GPS to Sustainable Success

我们不仅为您提供发展业务所需的技能, 但随着时间的推移,我们会帮助你培养必要的态度和习惯,以持续有效地实施这些技术.



Our Founder's Philosophy

At Sandler, 我们为自己践行我们的理念和践行我们的创始人所定义的核心价值观而感到自豪, David Sandler为我们和我们的全球客户带来了50多年的成功 list of clients.

From then till now...

In 1967, David Sandler realized that the traditional sales model was broken. Feature and benefit selling, discounting, 高压战术导致了恶性循环, 与律师和政客一样,销售人员也是人们最讨厌的职业之一. They deserved better. Prospects deserved better. And, he set out to design a better methodology, 基于对双方都有效的行为心理学.

He developed the Sandler Selling System because he believed:

  1. Salespeople are professionals and deserve respect.
  2. The prospect must qualify for the salesperson’s time.
  3. 销售人员必须遵循一个可重复和可伸缩的系统.

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Award-winning training company.


2021 Training Industry Award

Who We Are Now

在正确的地点和正确的时间可以使所有的销售差异. We can serve more places, 250+ locations in 30+ countries and 15+ languages, than any other training organization in the world.

David H. Mattson, President and CEO

Mattson worked closely with Sandler 在组织成立之初,2007年担任领导职务. Mattson is a 7-time best-selling author, 全球销售和管理思想领袖和主讲人. 他为gpk电子游戏的投资组合增加了许多项目,包括 Sandler Enterprise Selling, Leadership for Organizational Excellence, and Strategic Customer Care.

Dave Mattson - CEO and President
The Road to Excellence Book

The best-selling book by Dave Mattson helps you determine what, exactly, 站在你的公司和组织卓越之间——以及你能做些什么.

Why Sandler Works!

We have collected the best practice for sales, 50多年来,来自世界各地数千名培训师和数百万参与者的领导力和组织成功.

Proven System

Our highly innovative programs, created by Sandler professionals, 是否经过世界各地的专业人士超过50年的测试和证明其有效性.

Sustainable Success

我们独特的方法强调持续的重复——我们称之为“强化训练”.它有助于加速你的学习路径,然后随着时间的推移,你的成功会成倍增加, 因为我们的理念已经成为贵公司DNA的一部分.

Customized to your needs

我们可以定制我们的项目,以满足贵公司独特的目标和挑战. 我们还根据从400多名gpk电子游戏师和全球数千名客户收集的最佳实践不断更新我们的项目.

Unique Training Delivery

在我们激动人心的第一次培训研讨会举行很久之后,我们将继续 reinforce 您的员工从正在进行的培训研讨会中学到什么, individual coaching sessions, and interactive online tools. We’re the only organization that offers that kind of ongoing reinforcement.

Global Footprint & Multilingual

With over 250 training centers in major U.S. 城市和超过27个国家以及翻译成20种语言的材料, 我们在全球范围内为客户提供支持.

Experienced Trainers

许多培训组织使用分包协调员来提供培训. Instead, 我们寻找世界一流的销售人员和经理,并将他们转化为培训师,在课堂上有很大的信誉.


The Sandler approach 在您的团队的日常活动中应用简单和容易吗. 这与许多过度工程化的方法形成了鲜明的对比,这些方法的流程人们不会使用,理念管理者也无法强化.

Modern Training

我们提供许多不同的学习模式和媒介,以支持所有类型的学习者和能力. From podcasts and Microlearning 为了工作艾滋病和应用程序,我们有适合您需要的现代工具.

30,000+ people trained per year

500,000~ hours of training around the globe each year


50% 比没有gpk电子游戏的销售人员更多


88% of salespeople said their sales strategy improved


96% of clients polled would recommend Sandler

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